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Wall Banners

Wall Banners are a great way to advertise your product or brand in a big way! You would typically see these banners desplayed at events such as vehicle luanchings, or Expos or telivised sporting events such as Rugby or Soccer prize givings. They are also refered to as back drop banners.

When printing we make use of a thick polyester fabric and print in full colour. The print gets attached to the hardware unit with Velcro strips that are stitched onto the material during manufacturing.

Our wall banners consist of a round aluminium tubing construction, that is completely collapsible, and folds up in minutes. Our banners mainly come in the following sizes: 3m wide, and length differs between 1 – 4m.

These banners are available in the following sizes:

3 cubes length x 4 cubes width: 2 220 x 2 920mm
3 cubes length x 3 cubes width: 2 220 x 2 220mm
3 cubes length x 2 cubes width: 2 220 x 1 490mm
3 cubes length x 1 cube width: 2 220 X 770mm


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