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Laser Engraving

With this process laser beams are used to cut out lettering / images or engrave onto various materials. We can cut out stencils out of various materials from paper to perspex and even leather. The price of laser engraving is calculated by the amount of time it takes to engrave the artwork. We ask on average R5 per minute to engrave. Depending on the type of object being engraved we charge a R200 setup fee, on larger quantities we don't charge a setup fee.


laser engraving
Laser Engraving & cutting on a variety of products

A computer connected to the engraver controls the movement of the laser head. This results in a very clean and precise image at a high speed. There are no tool bits that comes into contact with the engrave material, meaning that the engraver doesn't have any parts that suffers from wear and tear making the whole process cheaper..

Because we use an engraver we can charge you less than someone who engraves by hand, but we are limited to certain material and surfaces.

The laser removes about 0.5mm - 0.8mm of the top surface revealing the colour underneath. The top layer is usually 0.3mm thick and comes in a wide variety of colours; the bottom layer also comes in different colours creating a huge variety of colour combinations for engraving.

A big advantage of products that are engraved is that it is more permanent than say for instance pad printing. Laser engraving also has a more professional look to it.

We can engrave on a wide variety of materials and on any amount, but the maximum laser engraving size is 600mm x 300mm. Individual items, mainly for presents works out more than big orders because we ask a set up charge. Depending on the item the setup charge is about R150 but can be more.

Some of our laser engraving products include the following:

Serial Tags

Used on various products like machinery, etc.
Here we use a product called Rowmark which looks a lot like a metal plate. It is available in silver, gold, white, blue and black. This is mainly used in the making of machine tags and name badges.

Promotional Items

Engrave on key rings, pens, aluminium products, etc.
Just to give you an idea, a normal length name engraved on a pen will take about 20 seconds to engrave meaning that it will cost you about R1.66 per pen. If larger quantities is ordered it will cost a bit more, because then we need to setup the machine and create a mould to engrave more than one pen at a time.

These can be engraved in white, black and blue.

Trophy Plates

Here we use rowmark which is available in a variety of colours and is glued onto the trophy.

Shapes and Lettering

Perspex, Plastic or wood letters and shapes can be laser engraved according to your needs.


We can engrave on leather up to 3mm thick, any shape, logo designs and even pictures. Some fake leather types also engrave very neat.

The price of engraving is based on the time it takes the machine to engrave the design on the item. The standard price for engraving is R5 per minute.

We can deliver your Laser Engravings in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Fourways, Randburg and surrounding areas for R120 + vat.

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