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Flag Printing

Bunting flags

These flags are most popular at out-of-doors sporting events.  Flags are secured to a rope and come in a triangular form.  Customarily these flags are 250 x 250mm and printed on PVC with a 5mm ski rope stringed through it. We can also custom-make them to your specific needs. 

The following are determined factors in your price:

  • Custom made
  • Length and colour
  • R130pm printed on both sides (full colour)
  • R13pm (unprinted) upwards. 


Country Flags

Bunting material is the material we use to screen print any flags. We do not only specialize in our country flags, but we can do any countries in any dimensions complete with rope and toggles.  The following dimensions are frequently kept in stock:  90 x 60cm, 1.8 meter x 1.2 meter en 2.7 x 1.8 meter.

We can mount the following flag pole lengths for you: 6, 9, 12 and 15 meters. We offer these units in swivel and fixed base.

Corporate flags

We can do any symbol, logo and design in any dimensions complete with toggles and rope.  The following dimensions are frequently kept in stock:  90 x 60cm, 1.8 meter x 1.2 meter en 2.7 x 1.8 meter.

If your order is less than 20 flags the price of colours will not be influence due to it being printed digitally.

These flags are perfect in windier conditions ideal for cities like Port Elizabeth or Cape Town particularly if they are set up next to each other.

Desk flags

Wooden based units as well as more cost effective PVC base units are available in three different types.  These units serve as the stands in which the flags are placed. Typical sizes of these flags (nylon or PVC) are 120 x 80mm and are not available in a standard size.  The price of these flags depends on the amount that is ordered, as is the case with most of our other products.

Cluster flags

Can be ordered in sets of 4-5 flags which can be screen printed or digitally printed.  A process of heat transfer could also be done.  The frame for the Cluster flags is made out of aluminium.  It can be folded up small to make transport easier.

Sharkfin flags and Teardrop flags

Different names exist for these flags.  It is also known as Waving flags, Extreme flags, Sharkfin banners, Teardrop banners, etc.

It is suitable for outdoor use, especially sporting events. Sizes range from 2-6 meters lengths depending on the specific shape.  And comes standard with hardware that are split up into 3 different sections depending on the size.

Send us a request for a quotation and we will respond with a full price list including pictures.  For larger orders, we apply screen printing and for smaller orders we use a sublimation process to print these flags or banners.

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