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Car Branding

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In the case of car branding we mainly use cut out letters and shapes for spot colour where full colour printing or fading of colour is not involved. We use full colour printing that is laminated afterwards in the case of colours that fade or for full colour photos and images. Vinyl that is printed in spot colours is coloured in the factory process and is not laminated because it is unnecessary.


For more information on car branding and what you can expect to pay, you can visit our website at car branding www.vehicle-wrapping.co.za

We can also brand your vehicle on your own premises, although there is a call out fee of between R600 and R1500, depending on your location and how long it will take us to brand your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should the Car Branding vinyl stickers be removed after a few years, will the body paint be damaged?
In our 15 years of active car branding, we have only encountered two incidents where damage has indeed occurred. In both cases our investigation confirmed that the quality of the body paint was inferior.

Should my vehicle necessary be brought to your premises for car branding?
We prefer for practical and economic reasons to both parties that car branding be done at our premises. In exceptional case we can have two vehicles at a time, branded at your premises.

How long does the actual applying of the vinyl take?
It depends on the degree of the branding; however car signs usually take a day. A full wrap of a vehicle the size of a minibus for instance, may take up to three days.

Car Branding

This bus is only stuck with vehicle grades 7-10 year vehicle grades vinyl and thereafter logos and text from 3-5 year monomeric vinyl cut and pasted. For the design and layout, the customer pays R350 and R28 500 excluding VAT for pasting on the vehicle.

Car Branding   Car Branding

Design and layout: R1 800 excl vat

Vehicle branding : Vinyl Print , Pasting and laminating R19 800 excl vat


For design layout : R300

Vehicle branding : R2 400

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