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A-Frame Banners

a frame heightA-frame banners are a very popular indoor and outdoor banner option. They are inexpensive and easy to assemble. We mainly print these banner onto black-white PVC and they attache to an aluminium frame with velcro strips. This option is the most affordable and has the shortest turn-around time.


The aluminium frames consist of 12 connecting poles that work in the same principle as an older gazebo, where they are joined together with plastic connector to form an A-shape structure.

Our standard A-frame banners are available in 1 m wide and 2/3/4 m lengths. However we are also able to manufacture custom frames according to your needs. In such a case production time will be extended from the standard 4-5 working days to more or less 7 working days.
A-frame banners are very popular at sports and recreation events such as golf, rugby, cricket, etc...

A-frame banners can be printed in landscape or portrait form, although most of our clients order the banner in landscape. In the case of a portrait A-frame banner being ordered, we attach 3 banners to the aluminium frame instead of 2. This obviously means that a vertical banner would work out to be slightly more expensive.

When it comes to the printing of banners, you have a choice to use either reinforced PVC or polyester, the same fabric we use to print flags, however the later option requires a longer turn-around time.


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