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Redblock Advertising Media

Redblock Advertising Media has been operating since 1993, and specialise mainly in marketing material, and services as well as products and services to boost your company and company image. We can do anything, from your indoor or outdoor signage, corporate wear, banners & display units, corporate gifts, pamphlets & brochures, websites & social media marketing, etc...

We owe our success in this company to the fact that we give special attention to our employees in our service, and the fact that they are still in our service after a long period testifies to that. We focus on employing people with years of experience in the printing, signage & social media industry, and new employees without experience undergoes a in to major course and training, followed up with an exam where the passing figure is 90%, before they can begin to access clients and give valuable advice.


At Redblock Advertising Media our values are camaraderie and team spirit, to be inspired and passionate about what we do. We have a strong desire to grow the business and we operate with respect and integrity. We strive to dazzle our customers with great service and care. We go the extra mile to make it better for those we serve as customers and the public who use our products.


We print our Canvas on 450 gram picasso artist canvas, and then stretch them over a pinewood frame of 44 x 22mm. Larger sizes have extra support in the four…
We manufacture a wide variety of different banners, from the most basic banners, roll-up banners and banners that can be mounted onto stands such as A-frame banners, X-frame banners, wall…

Wall Banners

Hanging Banners

Flexface cover: A Flexface cover is a strong PVC material that is tensioned inside the aluminium box. This material is cheaper than the Perspex face, but the printing on the…

Chromadek Signs

Some people call them tin badges. These button badges are round and available in the following diameters:Like the most of our, products the quote formula for button badges are based…

Name Badges

Flyers/Pamphlets/Brochures We mainly print our pamphlets on 115 grams or per square meter semi-gloss paper. We can print these flyers on both sides or only on the one side especially…

Pamphlet Distribution

Easel & Brochure Stands Shutter frames are a great way to advertise your services and products. Make your poster stand out with one of our shutter frames. These standing poster…

Wind Spinners

Just some of our Clients

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Redblock Advertising Media

Redblock Advertising MediaWe strive to accommodate as much as possible of your media and advertising needs under one roof, without building the reputation of a jack of all trades. We can proudly declare that we have an extensive client database that we have built up over the years and as a result we are not hard up for just any business that we come across. We thus have a very high standard of what we do and that we don't do, and if we deliver a product or service to you, you can be assured that we have done it many times in the past ant that the end product will not be low quality and will not be delivered late.